As we all have experienced these past few weeks, coming back from winter break and getting back into school routines and daily responsibilities isn’t easy. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, college demands discipline and your experience here as a student is as good as the effort you put into your studies. One of the best ways to understand your role as a student and get the most out of your education at WSU is to constantly improve and hold yourself to a high standard. Here are 6 ways to become a more self-disciplined student and achieve success:

1) Recover from mistakes 

Being able to move on from mistakes is a major part of self-discipline. Whether you come across life-changing or very small mistakes, its important to understand that growth comes from mistakes and using mistakes as motivation and a learning experience can be effective as a self-disciplinary tool. Don’t dwell on your mistakes and have them drag you down – use them to improve yourself and propel you forward.

2) Create goal planning

It is important to constantly be thinking about how to strategize and create steps towards reaching your goals. Whether it’s studying your chapter flashcards 20 minutes a day to get an A on your upcoming test, or making it a point to review the powerpoint your teacher will be going over that day in class so you have a leg up – you are more likely to have success disciplining yourself with small actions that lead to a larger goal.

3) Know when you’re most motivated

There is only so much energy your body has each day. It is important to know that people are often more motivated in the morning. Plan your studies around the time you know you are most motivated and productive to create the best opportunities for success and determination.

4) Remain positive

In order to become more self-disciplined, you must believe in yourself. Positivity and optimism are huge when it comes to setting and achieving guidelines and goals you set for yourself. It’s true that a can-do attitude will go a long way – especially when it comes to self-discipline!

5) Fight those unproductive urges

Building habits of self-control is key to leading a more disciplined student-life. Do you constantly have the urge to check your phone when studying? Try leaving your phone in a different room during this time. Things like this to help you fight unproductive urges contribute to self-discipline and your eventual success.

6) Surround yourself with support

It is important to include others in your self-disciplinary actions because it will create a comfortable environment and boost your confidence and motivation. Knowing that your environment is supportive allows you to change your habits and sustain your efforts in self-discipline.

Self-discipline can be especially difficult to improve because we, as students, often have a million things going on that we’re balancing, and some days we just want to take a break – which is normal and healthy to do. But while some of us may have a short attention span, not enjoy a class we are in, or don’t feel like doing life some days, this doesn’t mean we should ignore our responsibilities and lose sight of our overall goals. Stay motivated and disciplined Warriors, and make this semester your best one yet!