To all those broke college students—this post is for you!

Of course, this post is also for me because even though I have a job, I still feel pretty broke. This is mainly because I have all these bills to pay and purchases to make like tuition, textbooks, groceries and gasoline. I am sure at least some you are feeling the same way.

Now, we have all heard about the “amazing deals” we can get through our school IDs and even student email addresses. But I bet you figured that it was all fake or that it was too much work to get the discounts. Well, I did a little research and discovers that not all of them are fake and the discounts really aren’t that hard to collect.

Here are 8 student promotions that you can benefit from in our area and online:

  1. A Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership can help you save money on groceries, laundry detergent, computer gear and more. Plus, you’ll receive a $15 Sam’s Club Gift Card and extra offers when you sign-up!
  2. Join Amazon Student to get free two-day shipping and all the other benefits of a Prime membership, including streaming movies and tv shows, at half price.
  3. Get The New York Times delivered to your doorstep or to your iPad at 50% off with their College Rate Subscription.
  4. has great coupons for a variety of popular stores and gets you cash back on your purchases.
  5. Jo Ann Fabrics has a student discount program that nets you 10% off nearly every purchase. Now you can save money on all those Pinterest DIY projects you’ve been dying to try!
  6. Sign up for Amtrak’s Student Advantage Card and save 15% on fares. Now traveling home or taking a weekend get-away can be a little less expensive.
  7. has a Student Rate gives you $5 off a premium membership, effectively cutting your monthly fee in HALF!

So that’s all I have for today, but I’m sure there are a ton more legitimate college student discounts out there. I certainly will be using the ones I’ve found and looking for more. That way, hopefully I can turn this broke college student into a college student that has more than $4 in her wallet every month. Good luck to you too!

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Rachel Adam

Rachel graduated in 2019 with a BA in Graphic Design and Dance minor. She is from Danbury, CT and her hobbies include reading, dance, art, movies, superheroes, Pinterest, and her kitten named Westley.