Spring is here and it’s time to get outside! As we enter a new season you may be looking for fun activities to do outdoors now that the weather is warming up.  

Lucky for us, Winona is a wonderful place to be outside and experience the beauty of the surrounding bluffs, lakes, and scenery. Consider staying in town and trying out one of these fun and COVID safe activities.  

Safe Social Activities

If you are looking for fun COVID safe activities to do, Winona has several great indoor and outdoor options. Always remember to mask up, back up, and wash up whenever you’re in public and around others.

Outdoor Activites

Garvin Heights City Park  
Cost: FREE 

Lake Lodge Recreation Center  
Enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride around the lake 

For more information and updates on seasonal equipment rentals click the link above 

Disc Golf  
Hours: Monday – Friday: 6AM -10PM 
Cost: FREE 

Sugar Loaf  
Cost: FREE 

Great River Bluffs State Park 
Cost: $7 daily fee 

John A Latsch State Park  
Hours: Monday – Sunday 9AM – 5PM 
Cost: FREE 

Join Winona Outdoor Collaborative 24- Hike Series  
This is a challenge that encourages participants to complete 24 local hikes throughout the year. Participants are eligible to win prizes and will receive a sticker after completion.  

Outdoor Education and Recreation Center (OERC)  
The OERC hosts a range of different events such as rock climbing, camping, various training’s, and equipment rentals to name a few. For more information and updates on events happening now, check out the OERC page on the WSU website linked above. 

Student Activities Center (SAC)  
Bike Rentals  
Hours:  Monday-Friday: 9AM  Sunset, Saturday-Sunday10AM – Sunset 
Cost: FREE just bring your student ID 

Indoor Activites

Winona County Historical Center  
Hours: Open Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 4PM 
Cost: $3 for students, FREE for students doing research 

Marine Art Museum 
Hours:  Open Tuesday – Sunday10AM – 5PM  
Cost: FREE on Tuesdays, Student Admission is $3 Wednesday – Sunday 

Wabasha Recreation – Climbing Center  
Reserve a Session  

  • Monday: 5PM  6:50PM | 7PM  8:50PM 
  • Wednesday: 5PM  6:50PM | 7PM  8:50PM 
  • Friday: 5PM  6:50PM| 7  8:50PM 
  • Saturday: Noon  1:50PM | 2PM  3:50PM | 4PM  5:50PM 

Cost: FREE, bring your Warrior ID 

For more fun ideas check out the Outdoor Life and Winona Life pages on the WSU website. For more ideas check out the Visit Winona website.  

Stay Ahead of the Grade Game

With the return of spring also comes the end of another semester which means the stress of finals and grades tends to increase.  

Have no fear, WSU is here with plenty of free services to help you finish out the semester strong. Whatever your major or year in school, we’ve got something for you! 

Tutoring Services

Are you looking for help in classes or having trouble understanding some of the content covered in your classes? Tutoring services offers several different types of tutoring sessions and has tutors to help students with any class they are in. 

Services offered:  

  • Tutoring and S2I 
  • Virtual tutoring appointments 
  • Drop-in tutoring 
  • Face-to-face tutoring  

Schedule an appointment 

For more resources and links check out the Tutoring Services page on the WSU Website.

Career Services

Are you in the process of summer job hunting or want to strengthen your resume or cover letter? If yes, check out Career Services! 

Career services offers help with a variety of things: 

  • Mock interviews, Interview prep, Interview stream 
  • Resumes or cover letters 
  • Career exploration 
  • Handshake 
  • Graduate applications 
  • Job applications 
  • Jobs fairs 
  • Career Center Resources (Handshake) 

To explore more of what is offered at Career Services check out their page on the WSU  website.  

Writing Center

Are you in search of support and advice on a final paper or writing project? If yes, the writing center is the place for you. The writing center has tutors who can help provide guidance and feedback on major papers or any writing assignment you may have.  

The writing center is open Monday –Thursday from 9am – 6pm and Friday from 9am –2pm. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Now is the time to enjoy some fun outdoor COVID safe activities and prioritize your future. Explore the Winona community and take advantage of all the activities Winona has to offer and the services WSU Career, Tutoring and Writing Services provide.