Recently I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. My refrigerator is filled with kale (that I hate) and quinoa (that I surprisingly like). I’ve been going to the gym and working hard in my classes but I was missing a way to reflect upon my life changes. Then, one day my blog manager suggested I try the BetterYOU HF app – not only for myself but also to give all of you lovely folks an idea of what this app is capable of. So I did.

What is the BetterYou app?

The BetterYou app is still fairly new and for the best reason. You see, Winona was chosen as the pilot city that gets to try out this brand new way of encouraging healthy behaviors! This app has recipes to try, workout ideas, and other ideas to improve your overall wellness in life.

How does it work?

Download. Scan. Earn. Redeem. Reward!

It is simpler than it appears upon first glance! When you open up the BetterYou app, you can see the community map at the bottom in between your personal profile and the QR scanner. At first I had an issue with my scanner, but I realized I hadn’t given the app permission to my camera yet. After I fixed that, it worked flawlessly. Once you open the map pinned locations show up around Winona. Each of these locations has a QR code and something you can do at that location to earn points! Sometimes it’s free (like working out the Integrated Wellness Complex) and sometimes you have to make a pre-marked healthy purchase to earn your QR scan points.

What can you do with the points?

Points you earn can do a few things…

  • Leaderboard! Once you gain points you can work your way up on the leaderboard. If you and your friends all download the app this can be a fun way to compete with one another. At the same time you’ll be keeping each other in check to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Coupons! Once you start gaining points you can use these points to get discounts in participating stores in Winona. Erbert & Gerbert’s, Midtown Foods, Hy-Vee, Jefferson Pub & Grill and more! I personally haven’t built up enough points to start using the coupons YET, but you bet I am excited!

Helpful Home Feed

One of my favorite parts of the app is the home feed. It reminds me a little bit of Pinterest (which I am obsessed with). There are goal setting worksheets to download, you can reflect upon your day, have access to articles that other people find personally helpful and more. It’s a little bit like having a journal that is more than just ranting on a page. You can use this section to set goals for yourself and be reflective and thankful for little “wins” in your day. If nothing else, I will definitely continue to use this part of the app.

Is it worth trying out?

Absolutely! This app is a great way to find out what our community offers. Plus who doesn’t like being rewarded for things they already do?! I already use the gym and go to Hy-Vee quite a bit so I was thrilled when I found out I could save money just by scanning a QR code at a place I already planned on going. In the short time that I have had this app I already feel more knowledgeable about what unique things our little town has to offer. It is definitely worth a try!