Somehow we’re halfway through the semester already, and that means class registration is coming up quickly.

In the past, I usually tried to fill my course wishlist with course that didn’t meet on Fridays or only those that started after 11am.

This semester, I am hoping to find classes in my major and minor requirements that have a delivery method that aligns with the way I like to learn.

I’ve had a whole semester of online classes, so now I have a pretty good idea of what to expect and what types of classes I prefer.

But if you’re not sure what the different course delivery options are, don’t worry.

You can find details about the delivery method for a given class using the Course Search in eServices. Just click the title of the course and review the Notes section for more information.

There are also plenty of people to help you including your faculty advisor and advisors in the Warrior Success Center.

Amy Meyer and Darcie Anderson are two such WSC advisors.

Here’s their explanation about the differences between the course delivery options. They also offer some advice on which options are better fit depending on your learning and lifestyle.

All in for Online Courses

Online courses are best for students who are studying from home or live in another location outside of Winona.

To do well in an online class, you need to be:

  • very organized
  • good at managing your time
  • pro-active in asking questions and getting help

There are two types of fully online courses delivery options.

Completely Online Asynchronous

Course has no designated meeting times. Students follow the syllabus for course assignments, due dates, and exam schedules.

Pick this option if you:

  • have an irregular and/or full-time work schedule
  • need flexibility in your study times
  • Are a parent (see reasons above)
  • Aren’t likely to struggle with the content of this specific class. For example: if you have difficulty with writing papers, you should probably avoid taking a fully online asynchronous writing class.

Completely Online Synchronous

Course meets in an online classroom during posted meetings days and times.

Pick this option if you:

  • Want the structure of a traditional face-to-face class
  • Want to get together in real-time with your professor and classmates

A Bit of Both Online & In-Person

When you like the flexibility of online classes but also want the social part of in-person classes, you can get the best of both worlds.

There are several categories for courses that use both online and in-person delivery.

The precise course code largely depends on how much face-to-face vs. online learning is planned.

Consider This: Lab Classes

Courses with a lab component often use multiple delivery methods.

Pay attention to the delivery method information in the course details.

If you have any questions, go ahead and contact the instructor.

Blended / Hybrid

Course is partially online and partially in-person. This course meets multiple times face-to-face throughout the semester.

All enrolled students meet together in the same learning space or meet alternately in smaller groups.

Pick this option if you:

  • Enjoy studying both online and in-person
  • Want the structure of a traditional face-to-face class
  • Want to get together in real-time with your professor and classmates

HyFlex, Remote Teaching & Limited In-Person

Course meets in multiple ways to meet student needs:

  • face-to-face
  • online synchronized
  • online asynchronized

These three course delivery options include both online learning and set times where a class meets either online or in-person.

These styles of delivery will have the most variety of combinations between online and in-person.

Pick any of these options if you:

  • Enjoy studying both online and in-person
  • Still want scheduled class times where a professor is teaching and available for questions
  • Want more flexibility in your study schedule, allowing more time for work
  • Still want to meet with a class and professor on a reduced set of days and times.

Face-to-Face All the Way

All enrolled students in this course meet face-to-face in the designated learning space at the designated times.

These are the traditional, in-person courses that you are very familiar with. You’ll be on campus every day for class, and you’ll have to follow all the necessary COVID-19 precautions.

Pick this option if you:

  • Learn better in a classroom setting where a professor is physically present to teach and answer questions
  • Prefer to learn in a more social setting with other students
  • Struggle with time management and procrastination and benefit for a formal class schedule
  • Struggle in the subject area of a course and would benefit from greater access to the instructor


More Tips for Choosing Your Classes

Look for Multiple Sections

Courses that offer multiple sections are much more likely to offer a variety of delivery methods.

Mix It Up

Consider the mix of delivery methods for all classes in your schedule.

Are you able to schedule a combination of delivery methods that works best for you? 

Ask Questions

Have questions about a course delivery method?

Contact the instructor for the course or contact the Warrior Success Center for help.

Get Support

If you need additional support for your class, please reach out to your professor.

Take advantage of your instructor’s office hours.

You can also get help through Tutoring Services and the Writing Center.

Hopefully this guide helps you feel more confident about your course delivery options.

So let’s get registered and get ready for next semester. Let’s do this Warriors!