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Photo by Amy Nelson ’20


Health and Wellness Services is sponsoring a new co-curricular experience called “Got Health and Happiness”. This program is a 4-week journey to embracing your wellness!  It’s a self-guided program designed to help enhance your overall health!

Who doesn’t love improving their lives to promote their health and well-being for free!?


Do I get credit for this?

Yes! It is considered a program on your co-curricular transcript. Your co-curricular transcript is a verified record of your involvement in activities or events to document experiences gained outside the classroom. This co-curricular transcript can be sent along with your academic transcript or by itself to employers, graduate schools, scholarship committees, etc. to showcase your leadership experience and give a competitive edge to your application.

It does not count for your DARS goals towards graduation, but it will be on your co-curricular transcript as an activity and experience that you participated in during your time at WSU!


A few highlights from my first week of the program:


1. Smiling makes us happier humans

Neil Patrick Harris, Smiling

Social Connections are important to our holistic being, and something as simple as smiling contributes to that! During week one, you are challenged to smile, nod and make eye contact with people. Let me tell you, this is something I have done for YEARS, but I never really realized that I get a little mood boost when I acknowledge others in such a small way. Also, it relieves stress. In the workbook it explains the science behind it – if that’s something you’re into!


2. Sleep makes us more resilient

Winnie the Pooh sleeping

Having good sleep hygiene is essential to all aspects of health. With exercise four, there was a list of sleep strategies to help with your sleep hygiene. I bought myself an eye mask and it has helped block out the street lights. I also created a nightly routine that includes all of my hygiene needs, pack my bags for the next morning and do crossword puzzles. Find what works for you & stick to it. (Side note: a sleep mask and nice PJs really made me feel like I have my life together, maybe it’ll help you too!)


3. Mini goals are just as important as your big goals

High five between two people

I am a list maker. It really makes me feel like I have control over my life – but it’s always stressful overarching things like “Clean my apartment” or “Be more active in my club”. Sometimes you have to break it down into small to-dos, such as “put my dishes in the dishwasher” or “pack my lunch for tomorrow morning”. Having smaller, 30-minute or less goals can make things less overwhelming and you feel more accomplished.

Overall, I think this is going to be an awesome experience that will help me reframe how I look at my overall health. I am super excited to share my thoughts with you and I hope you join in too!


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What are you waiting for!? Join the trend and work on your seven dimensions of wellness.