Spring break starts the season of FOMO for some college students who can’t afford to get away for vacay. If you can’t afford a beach getaway, create your own staycation! Not only will it help save you money on hotel, flights, and food, but it is also COVID safe to stay home and limit traveling. 

Here are our tips for planning your perfect staycation in Winona. 

1. Prep Your Place for a Perfect Staycay

To start off your staycation with the most relaxation possible, you have to make it look and feel like you are on vacation. Even though it might seem like “work” to get your place prepped and ready for your staycay, it will truly help you be able to relax throughout the week. 

Refresh your sheets on your bed, tidy up the space, make your grocery run like you are shopping for vacation, and do your laundry so you don’t have to worry about them while on vacation.  

2. Take a Day Trip

You don’t have to stay in Winona the whole time during your staycation. There are tons of unique small towns hidden within the bluffs and a few cities that are less than an hour away. 

Lake City & Red Wing, MN are two small towns that have a cute riverfront downtowns with local restaurants and shops.  

LaCrosse, WI & Rochester, MN will soothe your need to getting away to a bigger city. Both towns have shopping malls and centers if you need to do some window shopping or treat yourself to a dinner in the city. 

3. Take a Fun Class

Learning can be fun! Have any new year’s resolutions of taking a work-out or cooking class? Now is a perfect time to try to learn something new or strengthen another skill.  

4. Have a Spa Day

Make it feel as close to a real spa as you can. Spend the day in your robe, put cucumbers on your face, take a bubble bath and put on a face mask. Bonus points if you light some candles and watch TV or a movie while you are in the bath. 

5. Get Outdoors

Although there is still snow and winter is, unfortunately, still here – make sure to get outdoors and explore Winona. Take a walk around the lake, downtown or even a walk across the bridge over to Latsch Island.  

There are some local parks such as John A. Latsch State Park or Great River Bluffs State Park that are great for hiking.  


The most important goal of planning a staycation is to relax. Set down the electronics and limit screen time. Put away your laptop, backpack, homework, & emails – at least for a few days out of break. Take a nap whenever you are tired. Binge watch TV or game it out with some friends.  

Skip the FOMO this spring break by planning your perfect staycation in Winona. Not only will it save you money, but it will also help keep you safe. 

If you are staying in town over spring break and haven’t gotten your COVID vaccine yet, this is the perfect time to get one and not have to worry about the side-effects during the school year.  

Did we also mention that if you complete your initial vaccine series before spring break that you can win COVID-19 vaccine incentives such as a kayak, paddle board, $250 gift cards and more? Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine incentives.