Spiritual Wellness is More Than What You Think

A few things may come to mind when thinking of spiritual wellness, such as religion, astrology, yoga, and meditation. However, one thing that ties all these together is a set of personal values that helps provide you with a sense of purpose and connect with your inner self. 

Spiritual Wellness is a vital component of your overall wellbeing that is often overlooked and disregarded simply because of the stigma surrounding all things spiritual. For example, it’s a common misconception that Spiritual wellness must do only with religion, but that is not the case.  

Here at WSU, spiritual wellness refers to a set of personal established guiding beliefs, principles, and values that give your life meaning and provide you with a sense of purpose. These beliefs can come from anywhere and be about anything. What is important is that you have them. So, I ask:  

“How do you connect with your inner self?”  

If you’re struggling to answer this question and feel stuck in life, you aren’t alone. Here are a few ways to get in touch with your inner self. 

Give Back

As the saying goes, “it feels better to give than to receive.” Giving back to others can give us a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Donate to the Warrior Cupboard

Did you know that there is a food shelf right on campus available to all WSU students? The Warrior Cupboard is on the first floor of the Integrated Wellness Center in room 130. So, as winter break approaches, it might be a good time to go through your own cupboard and donate some of the foods and snacks you haven’t gotten around to eating.


If you don’t have money or things to donate, give back your time instead. Places such as The Winona Friendship Center or Live Well Winona are great places to find fantastic volunteer opportunities.

Connect your Mind, Body and Soul

Understandably volunteering can be a considerable time commitment, and it may not be for every college student simply because it’s an additional activity to juggle along with an already packed schedule. Fortunately, Yoga is a beautiful alternative that you can do from home for as little or as long as you like.  

According to Mayo Clinic, yoga not only helps you stay fit and healthy through physical discipline, but it also helps mitigate stress. Practicing yoga helps to establish a strong connection between the mind and body through exercise. It also enables you to meditate and reflect through controlled breathing exercises.

During your exercise, take time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Consider what is important to you and how you want to get there. How can you support these goals and values? Breath, relax and find yourself.


Something I like to do to get in touch with my inner self is journaling. Rather than bottling up your emotions, journaling is a beautiful way to make them accessible without fear of judgment. You’re able to organize your thoughts on paper so that they don’t ruminate in your head, and often this frees you from them, enabling you to process and move past the harmful ones.

You can write for thirty minutes or less at any point during the day. 

Going on a Walk

I enjoy going on walks in the morning before my college classes. Not only am I getting exercise, but the fresh air and beauty of nature around me helps center me for a long day ahead. In addition, it’s a relaxing way to get to class and just so happens to be a carbon-neutral method of transportation.
Spiritual wellness can be complex, but it’s easier than you think to get connected with your inner self.
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Robin Woodhouse

Robin is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art and expects to graduate in 2023. She works with the WSU Health Promotions team as graphic design assistant and writer. In her free time, Robin like to bike and spend time with her pets.

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