Photo by: Kelsa Katzfey ’21

Have you ever found that you often compare yourself to another person? Almost all of us compare ourselves to others every day and that can be an extremely bad habit. This week’s video, Stop Comparing, by Psychologist Mick Lynch talks all about comparing and why we need to break the habit.

He explains that comparing ourselves to others is when we think we aren’t as good as, as smart as, or as attractive as others. When we treat life as a competition, it ultimately robs us of our happiness and self-confidence.

There have been many times in my life that I have compared myself to others whether it be to a stranger working out in the gym next to me, or a classmate who got a better score than I did on a paper. All of these times that I found myself comparing, I was really just making myself more unhappy.

When we stop trying to “win” at life and make it a competition with other people, we start to feel more confident and enjoy our lives. This can be hard to overcome, but catching yourself when you find that you are comparing yourself to someone else and acknowledging it can be a good first step in the right direction.

Mick Lynch tells us to start focusing on yourself and being the best version of yourself and not worrying about someone else. Do your best to stop making these comparisons because when you’re more focused on yourself, you ultimately become more self-confident and happy.

Next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone else whether it be appearance, athletic ability, skill set, etc. step back and stop yourself from trying to think of life as a competition that you have to “win.” Everyone is dealing with something in their lives and a little self-confidence helps you stay positive and happy in life.

Watch for next week’s blog about our inner battles called The Wolf You Feed. For more information about how to deal with tough life situations or for confidential help, visit the WSU Counseling Services website or call 507-457-5330 to make an appointment.