This week’s one minute resilience video, “The Wolf You Feed” by psychologist Mick Lynch is all about a story of the two “wolves” inside of us. One of them is negative and one of them is positive.

Mick Lynch wants us to ask ourselves, “which wolf do we feed?” Do we feed into the negative side full of doubt, criticism, fear, etc. or do we feed the positive side that is confidence, courage, love, grit, etc. This is an important detail for us to know about ourselves because it is one of the factors for dealing with things in life.

He refers to the story about the two wolves and how they are constantly at battle inside of us each day and we choose which wolf we feed, which creates a negative or positive outcome. You can make the choice for yourself which side you’re going to feed into when faced with a problem or just smaller things that come up in general.

After thinking about this video, it became clearer for me that we always have a choice of how we deal with challenges that arise. Becoming more conscious in the moment of which wolf I choose to feed when confronted with a problem is something I need to practice because I am sometimes guilty of choosing the fearful or doubtful side.

I find that I am choosing between wolves when I deal with a situation such as family or friend drama. Choosing the negative side sometimes seems like the easier way out, but when I choose a more positive approach things usually turn out better and the situation is more manageable.

He says that next time you’re dealing with a challenge in life, ask yourself if the wolf you are feeding, whether it be the negative or the positive, is the right one for this situation. Choosing the negative and critical wolf might be the wrong choice, while choosing the more positive and confident wolf will help you to become more of a resilient warrior.

Next time you find yourself in a difficult life situation in school, work or life, remember that there are two sides of you at battle and you are the one choosing which one you feed. Outcomes of situations might depend on which wolf you choose to feed so choose wisely.

Next week we will talk about the acronym CHEERS and what each letter means and why they are important to becoming a more resilient warrior.

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