On Valentine’s Day, it’s expected that you spend time with your romantic partner, provide chocolates and flowers, and have a fancy dinner. But what happens if your partner has work and can’t spend the day with you? What happens if you don’t have a romantic partner?  

I’ve learned two things: your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be perfect to know you matter to someone and that it’s not just reserved for lovebirds. All kinds of love are equally worth celebrating.  

Spend the day with friends, family, your pets, or your significant other. Use the day to let them know they matter and mean something to you. If you’re wondering how to do celebrate safely, here are some date ideas.  

1. Get into your PJ’s and order in a heart-shaped pizza.

Bonus points if y’all wear a matching PJ set. 

2. Have an at-home game night with your roomies, significant other, or family.

Break out some board games like Scrabble or Monopoly. Grab your controllers or laptop to play Mario Kart or Gartic Phone (an online game of telestrations).

3. Paint and do crafts together!

The WSU Bookstore has art supplies. You could buy apple barrel paints, a few brushes and canvases. 

4. Cook a fancy dinner.

Each person can make something and bring it to dinner, potluck style! Another idea is to try out new recipes together or have a themed night such as A Taste of Italy with pasta, breadsticks, and macaroons.

5. Watch a movie together.

You and your socially distant pals can watch movies together over the app Discord. Or if you’re inperson, watch a movie on your streaming service of choice. I’d also recommend find a movie series to have a marathon or double feature of Star Wars or Harry Potter.

6. Check out some local museums!

Winona Historical Society or the Marine Art Museum are great museums to visit in Winona. Grab a valentine-themed mask and remember to bring hand sanitizer.