As a Winona State student, you have access to a plethora of outdoor recreation options, from hiking in beautiful state parks to kayaking on Lake Winona, there’s an activity out there that you’ll enjoy.

As the weather warms up now is the perfect opportunity to get out there, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the natural beauty Winona has to offer.

Prairie Island Park

Spend a day at Prairie Island Park located on the backwaters of the Mississippi River behind the Marine Art Museum. There are lots to do at Prairie island from renting kayaks to bikes, to taking long walks around the campgrounds or visiting the camp store with local Winona merch.

After a long day of paddling on the backwaters of the Mississippi, bring some hot dogs, and grab some wood and marshmallows from the camp store to enjoy a relaxing meal by the fire.

Lake Lodge Recreation Opportunities

The Lake Lodge offers a variety of recreation opportunities, from disc golf at the Willows Disc Golf Course, to kayaking, biking, and longboarding. If you don’t have the equipment for any of these activities don’t worry! The center offers equipment rentals at affordable daily rates. The least expensive items such as hammocks are $1 and the most expensive items such as kayaks are only $12. If you plan to use the park, often consider getting a summer membership because it only costs $22. 

The park also has free Wi-Fi access and offers hammock rentals. If you want to be outdoors but still need to work on homework, Lake Park is the place for you and for all the procrastinators out there, if you want a little more leisure bring your own grill and have a cookout. 

Hiking Opportunities

Garvin Heights

How can I write this blog and not Include the iconic Garvin Heights nature walk? This hike includes a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Winona, the Mississippi, and of course the city of Winona itself.

Lake Park

Lake Park is just a few blocks from campus and easily accessible if you don’t have a car. It features five miles of paved trails that are perfect for biking, jogging, walking, and rollerblading.

Whitewater State Park

This park is a bit of a drive but it’s well worth it. It features over ten miles of trails, and beautiful views, and has a variety of picnic spots for you to sit out and enjoy a nice meal in nature.