So, here’s the thing, I enjoy learning and I find school to be interesting. That’s not the problem with having a Type B personality. The problem is that I find so many things to be so interesting that I spend so much time enjoying those things rather than doing homework and studying. But because I am aware of the importance of studying and doing well in school, I have forced myself to develop a few habits that help me to do better with schoolwork. If you have a Type B personality, I think they will help you too.

Highlighters are a Student’s BFF

Highlighters have become my best friend. Sometimes when I am reading, I can find myself getting distracted or too lazy to take actual notes from my textbook. Heck, sometimes it’s hard to push myself to read the chapters let alone take notes. But when in doubt, highlight the important parts. Then if you need to go back to the text for a refresher, scanning the page is made easy for reviewing.

Get Comfy: Take Care of All Your Excuses

Before I can get down to study town, I often need to feel relaxed and have a clear mind. I know myself well enough to know that I will take a break from my homework for literally any reason. Too hungry? Oops, gotta take a break to get food. Thirsty? Better go get some water and take the longest route back to my chair. You get the picture. I shower, put on sweatpants, get myself a bottle of water, and bring a snack and headphones whenever I know I should focus.

Turn Your Phone Off

The struggle is real when your friends are too awesome, Twitter is poppin’ with jokes way less depressing than studying, and changing the song on Spotify somehow turns into creating an entirely new playlist. Put it down. Turn off all the notifications so that you’re not tempted to check your phone every time it buzzes. Even better, turn the whole thing off until you’re done.

Type B people unite! We are creative and smart individuals that are occasionally too relaxed and friendly for our own good. My life, room and to-do list may look disorganized to people with Type A personalities — I promise it’s just organized chaos.  My goal is to do well in life and be happy along the way, not to be perfect. So if you have a Type B, give these tips a shot during finals next week.