Wanting to start your fitness journey but you’re unsure of where to start? Have no fear–the Gym Buddy Program is here to help you get started on a fitness journey that’s right for you! We are helping you based on our experiences in the gym.  

Each mentor has different backgrounds in fitness. Everything that our mentors help you with is from gained from personal experience and growth. We are not certified as personal trainers or nutritionists.

About the Program

The Gym Buddy Program pairs new gym goers with gym gurus to help provide guidance on everything fitness. Gym buddy mentors will help their mentees with feeling more comfortable in the gym.  

What this may look like is you fill out the sign-up form and I will contact you to then meet and discuss your goals during the gym buddy program and the details what your fitness journey could look like.  

After that meeting, we would assess how many sessions would best suit your needs and what those sessions would look like.  

After signing-up as a gym buddy, a mentor will reach out to get the ball rolling on your fitness journey.  


Meet Your Mentors

About two years ago I started my fitness journey. I was really intimidated by the gym; however, I really wanted to go and learn to lift. I made friends with someone who knew their way around the gym, and I quickly learned and became comfortable going on my own.

Through this process my goals were to become stronger and learn how to better fuel my body. I am still very much learning; however, my knowledge has vastly grown since I started, and my goals are being achieved one by one.

I choose to start the gym buddy program so that other people who are nervous like I was can go to the gym and have help, to achieve their goals too. Through the gym buddy program, I am teaching you from knowledge I have gained through experience. I hope to see you around the gym soon! 

Skyla Atkins '22

Majoring in Criminal Justice & Minoring in Psychology, Direct Support Professional at HCO, Interest: working out, outdoor activities, soccer, and painting.

In high school I was a 3-sport athlete; basketball, volleyball, and track, but once I graduated; it was up to me to decide how I wanted to continue my fitness journey.

Like many other freshmen at a new university, the gym was a terrifying place. The more I went, the more people I met that taught me a lot on how to meet my fitness goals. I began doing my own research and followed fitness influencers on socials to help keep myself motivated.

The gym has become a huge part of my lifestyle and is sort of a safe place for me to relieve stress and work on myself. I decided to be a part of the Gym Buddy Program to help people that don’t have a person to show them the ropes and get them started. I have a lot of room for growth, but I look forward to meeting new people and hopefully turning the gym into a go-to place for them as well! 

Samantha Loeffler '23

Double Majoring in Business Administration & Marketing, Front Desk Associate at IWC, Interests: spending time with friends and family, exercising, reading, and outdoor activities like hiking, paddle boarding, and hammocking.

I began lifting in high school and instantly fell in love with fitness. I had goals, but I did not know where to start, like most people. Luckily, I had my track and field coaches to help me navigate my way around the weight room. They helped me become confident in my abilities and made me feel comfortable in the gym. 

After graduating, I continued to go to the gym, but with different fitness goals in mind. Through going to the gym, I made friends who gave me tips on how to help me live a stronger and healthier lifestyle. To this day, I am continuing to learn how to make myself better to achieve my goals. 

I feel like the gym has always been a place I could always go to. It is a place where I can truly tap into my mind and think freely. Through gym buddy, I hope that I can show someone else that the gym is not a scary place and that it can be a healthy outlet. Hope you sign up and are ready to chase after your fitness goals! 

Nicole Friedl '23

Major Psychology & Minor Criminal Justice & Political Science, Gym Buddy Mentor, Interests: Exercising, spending time with friends, volunteering at a local dog kennel, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

How to Join

Fill out this questionnaire for us to learn more about you and your fitness goals so we can help find you the perfect match. You will have the option to sign up as a gym buddy or a mentor. 

– Skyla Atkins ’22

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