Meet New Perspectives

We think it’s important to keep learning outside the classroom as well.

There are many ways to learn, and meeting people from different backgrounds is one of them. It’s also another reason college is such an exciting time in your life.

At Winona State, you’ll be exposed to cultures unlike your own and break down barriers. And not only will you build an understanding of others’ experiences—but you’ll also build an understanding of our community.

As a Warrior, you’ll have the power to successfully live in a global society—and to use your voice and take action to improve the world around you.

From inclusive cultural clubs to guest speakers to campus programming, there are lots of possibilities for all students to meet new perspectives. And the best part: you’ll have fun and learn something along the way.

Expand Your Perspective

Learn about new cultures and different individuals’ experiences through Expanding Perspectives, a week-long event series held each semester.
Two women paddle a canoe close to another woman in a kayak on Lake Winona

Explore the Human Library

Bring human stories to life with the Human Library.

Learn about someone different from yourself and how their life experience has been affected by bias, prejudice and discrimination. Or volunteer to share your own story.

The Human Library ultimately gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask but were afraid of getting too personal.

So, go on—start the conversation.

Cultural Celebrations

Celebrate African and Black culture through dance, music, poetry, food and fashion at Ebony Night, which is hosted by the African Student Association.
Male student climbs up indoor rock climbing wall

International Club Events

Craving some Vietnamese fare?

Check out Pho Night, a fundraising event for the Asian Student Nation Club where you can enjoy dine-in or take-out orders for a good cause.