Start Building Your Resume

Learning at Winona State doesn’t mean sitting in lectures all day—it means jumping in and getting hands-on experience. How else will you know what you want to do with your life?

Regardless of your major, you’ll have more opportunities than you know what to do with. This way, you can start your career with experience already under your belt. Check out the possibilities.

Field Work

We want you in the field as early and often as possible.

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher, social worker or biochemist, you’ll get to work directly in the field during your weekly classes and labs.

It’s all by design, so you can be confident in your career path.

Service Learning

Community engagement is an important part of the Winona experience.

Most of our degree programs allow students to use what they learn in the classroom to help others, like Bridges Health—a student-led interprofessional clinic that provides a variety of free preventative health and wellness services.


With small class sizes, state-of-the-art lab spaces and faculty guidance, our undergrads conduct research that’s usually reserved for graduate level at larger universities.

At WSU, you could find yourself studying psychological side-effects of pharmaceuticals in the neurological laboratory, what creates space craters through a NASA grant, or something else that has yet to be explored.


All our degree programs offer opportunities for internships with some of the Midwest region’s most prestigious companies and organizations, including 3M, IBM, Mayo Clinic, Target, Fastenal and more.

Study Away

We encourage you to leave us while you’re here (at least for a little while).

So, take what you learn in the classroom out into the world.

We’ve got long- and short-term study abroad options that immerse you in a foreign country’s culture while you earn credits.

We’ll be here when you get back.

On-Campus Experience

Working on campus is a great and convenient way to show off your skills and build your resumé while you’re in school.

There are work study and part-time jobs available in almost every department, allowing you to earn some money and gain professional experience to kickstart your career.