Now that classes have started this Fall, you’ve probably gotten comfortable with your day-to-day routine. Class, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

If you’re enrolled in multiple online courses, especially those that are back-to-back, sometimes you only have 10 minutes or less in between for a quick break. Neglecting these breaks, although very short, may sometimes make you feel “stuck” to your computer. 

So, to combat this low Netergy (your Internet energy, get it?), here are five ways you can maximize your Zoom breaks.


1. Get Up

The first thing you should do is physically get out of your chair and distance yourself from your laptop.

Consider going for a quick walk around your residence hall, up and down a flight of stairs in your apartment building, or even out to your mailbox. 

You can also create a micro workout routine perfect for your room. Warm up with some yoga (remember to breathe!), then get your heart rate up with a set of jumping jacks.

If you have enough time, maybe take a lap around your residence hall or neighborhood block by longboard or bike.

Either way, getting your blood pumping will help you focus better when you return to your screen.

2. Drink Up

It’s always important to stay hydrated, but especially when you need to talk with your professor or group members. 

Fill your drinking glass or bottle with cold water. Or guzzle down some orange juice for an extra shot of Vitamin C, which your body will appreciate during a pandemic.

Taking a drink during your break will surely wake you out of your working blues.

3. Fuel Up

Hungry? Go grab yourself a healthy snack.

Stick with fruits (try apples, bananas, oranges, and peaches), veggies (try carrots and bell peppers) and nuts (try almonds and pistachios). Stay away from any junk food because even though it’s a quick-fix, it’ll probably make you feel heavier and more sluggish later in the day.

Consider packing small bags of pre-made snacks for your Zoom breaks to maximize your time even more.

Not only will these munchies give you another kick of energy, but they taste good too!

4. Listen Up

Sometimes we get tired of hearing our own voices. When this happens, grab your headphones and listen to something on your phone. 

Maybe it’s a song or two–if so, make sure it’s energetic, not slow. Maybe it’s a chapter of an audiobook. Or maybe it’s a snippet of a podcast you recently picked up.

Give your voice a break and turn up the volume to someone else’s.

5. Clean Up

Between classes and work, maybe you put certain chores on the back-burner. 

So, fold your laundry or throw in a load before your next Zoom call. Or take out your trash and recycling, organize your closet and desk area, make your bed, or even update your calendar or planner.

Either way, taking care of housekeeping duties will not only distract you for a short period of time, but also spiff up your room.



Sure, maintaining high Netergy takes work, but it’s worth it in the end if you’re more engaged during your Zoom meetings. Make sure to maximize your online breaks whenever possible, so you can show the pandemic you won’t back down!