This is the story of a real WSU student who preferred to remain anonymous.

Right now, the slightest cough puts everyone on high alert.  

Could it be… COVID-19? Or is it just a common cold? I struggled with these questions 



This summer, Id been trying my best to stay safe for myself and my loved ones by wearing a mask, washing my hands often, and practicing physical distancing. I thought I was being safe.  

All summer long, I felt perfectly healthy and hung out with some of my closest friendssometimes completely forgetting about coronavirus and the damage it has caused.  

As I was going about my summer, I tried to have fun while being safe, but that didn’t quite work out for me.  

This August, Id acquired a very faint cough and I had small headaches throughout the course of a week. I didn’t think anything of it because I frequently have headaches. And with summer coming to an end, I usually get a cold anyway, so I carried on with my days not knowing what the consequences would be.  

A couple days later, I received a phone call telling me that someone I was in contact with had COVID-19. It was in that moment when I thought to myself, “Well… maybe this isn’t just a cold.”  



Unfortunately, about a week later, my mom started to get sick, and so did my sister and my brother. My mom was the first to get tested, and my siblings followed suit 

I then got tested because I was pretty sure Id given it to my family. When I got the results back, I was less than shocked to hear I was positive for coronavirus.  

The amount of guilt I felt was overwhelming, but my family assured me that it was no one’s fault—it was a virus.  



My experience isn’t uncommon, but it is a lesson. If youre feeling any symptoms at all, I encourage you to get tested and tell your loved ones what youre feeling, so you can protect them.  

Your common cold might not be a common cold.


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