Photo by: Kelsa Katzfey ’21

This week, Psychologist Mick Lynch is talking all about the importance of self-care and what his acronym CHEERS  stands for. This acronym can help to remind us of all the areas we need to focus on to become a more resilient warrior.

Resiliency is about being able to bounce back from difficult situations in life and how self-care and happiness are essential for building more resilience. Here is what each letter stands for in the acronym, CHEERS, why it is important to becoming more resilient, and how you can use it in your life.

C: Change your mindset.  

H: Healthy eating.

E: Exercise.

E: Enjoy.

R: Relax.

S: Sleep.

Mick Lynch stresses the importance of taking care of yourself in each of these six areas because they are a crucial part of practicing resiliency and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. He says that not only will you feel better by implementing this acronym into your life, you will also be prepared for whatever comes your way.

A good way to keep this acronym fresh in your mind is to write it out on a sheet of paper or sticky note and put it somewhere in your room, on a mirror or in your planner. This will be a daily reminder for you to look at and check in with yourself to ensure you are practicing proper self-care.

Jut by taking the time to think and reflect on these six things, I was able to make some minor changes in my day. For example I made sure to get all of my studying done on time so I could get to bed earlier and get proper rest. Doing that one simple thing made a big difference in my mood the next day.

Next time you find yourself in a tough life situation or you just might not be feeling your usual self, remember this acronym. The more you practice this, the more resilient you will become. Next week we will talk about the video, The F Word, which might not be what you think it is.

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