We all have something that we are grateful for no matter what that person or item may be and these things are important to our lives and that’s why it is so important to practice and use gratitude to become resilient warriors.

flipping a switch

This week, after watching Mick Lynch’s video, Flip the Switch, I got to learn more about gratitude. In this video, he discusses how hard times can help us reflect on what we are grateful for and really showed the importance of remembering what exactly we are grateful for.

Gratitude is showing appreciation or kindness for things in our lives. When we show gratitude, we are practicing kindness and showing that we care about someone or something.

He compares gratitude to a light switch, when we turn on a light switch, we can see everything in a room. The objects we see in a room were there the entire time, but we did not see them because the light was off. While comparing this to gratitude, Mick talks about how things we can be grateful for are always present, but we don’t always pay attention to them.

After watching, I took some time to reflect on things I am grateful for. In my life, I am thankful for the people I am surrounded by. This includes my family, buddies, and boyfriend. I am also grateful for my adorable dog because she helps put a smile on my face no matter what I am experiencing in my life.

I have had hard times in my life and the struggles I faced have made me stronger. When I was 16, my parents divorced, and my brother and I had a difficult time with it. Things didn’t exactly go smoothly in terms of custody, moving, etc. During that time, I think it would have helped me if I reflected on the things I did/do have in my life and not what I was losing. For example, even though my parents were splitting up, I had two healthy parents who wanted the best for me and my brother.

I have learned that it’s so important to keep in mind what you do have in life and not just what you don’t. There is so much in this world to be grateful for and there is so much to live for. Don’t lose sight of what is important to you in life. We have all experienced hard times and the way we deal with them is what is important. Whether we let them defeat us, or become resilient and learn and grow from them.

Look out for next weeks blog about the one minute video, The Power Of Yet where Mick Lynch talks about how talking positively about difficult tasks can make all the difference.

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–Emily Werfel ’19