What is a co-curricular transcript?

A co-curricular transcript is a great representation of all the skills and experiences you gained in college beyond what your GPA could reflect. 

Honestly, I had no idea what a co-curricular transcript (CCT) was until I started writing this blog. So, what is it and why would I want one? A co-curricular transcript is an additional transcript, similar to your academic transcript, that can be used to help you in the future.  

The CCT, like any other transcript, is an official, verifiable record of experiences gained. This transcript proves extra steps you’ve taken around campus to further your education and build vital skills that can be used in your future career. 

How do I earn co-curricular credits?

Co-curricular credits are earned through participation in WSU events and activities. In essence, it’s a learning experience gained outside of the traditional classroom environment that can be proven. 

Being a busy college student, working on-campus jobs, involved in clubs and leadership positions, a co-curricular transcript can supplement all the additional things you did during your time at WSU. 

There are four categories this credit can be earned in: 

  • Digital Citizenship events 
  • Civic Engagement events 
  • Leadership Development events  
  • Intercultural Competency events 

What can you do with one?

You can send this transcript along with other application paperwork to future employers, scholarship committees, graduate schools and more.  

Since few people know about this type of transcript, having one will give you a competitive edge over other applicants. 

How do you get one at WSU?

For current and graduated students, you can contact the Warrior Hub, stop by in person (Maxwell 209) or request one digitally through the transcript request process.