Koi Pond on WSU Main Campus

Are you a resilient person?

Chances are, if you’re in college, the answer is yes – even if you initially answered no.

WSU recently launched its Resilience site that outlines the term, why resilience matters, how you can build it and common myths surrounding resilience. The site defines resilience as the ability to bounce back and grow from difficult experiences, involving thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can be developed.

The reason I say if you’re in college you are resilient is because resilience is all about being adaptable and flexible. College is a total change from high school, and you are forced to adapt to your new surroundings as well as lead a flexible lifestyle. Also, at some point in college you have recognized strengths that you never knew you had. Whether it’s the ability to lead a group or club, write a research paper, or give a speech. I never knew what I was capable of until I came to WSU, where I assumed roles as editor-in-chief of The Winonan student newspaper and WSU Blog Manager. I found I could be a leader, and now that I am aware of my resilience and what I am capable of, it’s important I keep expanding on this and practicing these skills.

To continue to build resilience, understanding your goals and where you want to end up is key. Along with this, turning to others for help in difficult times, leading a balanced lifestyle and knowing your resources are a few other things you can do to develop resilience.

Now, if you think resilient people don’t have problems or stress, that’s false. There are many myths surrounding what the term means, and you can’t deny the fact that everyone has problems. What is true is that resilient people build habits and skills that allows them to solve problems and better themselves, as well as turn to other people when they need support or help.

So, Warriors, find the strength you have within yourself and keep building on this. Resilience can be developed, and it’s up to YOU to grow in the face of adversity.