From Closure to Reopening: A Big Milestone for Rollingstone Community School

After closing four years ago, the Rollingstone Community School is opening its doors to elementary students once again, thanks to the efforts of community members and three Winona State University alum teachers and a former WSU staff member. The Rollingstone Community...


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Coping with Homesickness

Homesickness is a common and normal part of moving away from home, but it can seem difficult to deal with at times. It can be frustrating to deal with at times. The good news is you can work through it a bit easier when you use resources that are on and off-campus. To...

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Your Recap of Welcome Week

In case you missed an event or two from Welcome Week—or you want to look back on all the mems—we've got your back. Lots happened last week, and we captured it all for you. Here’s a recap of this year’s Welcome Week:    Stakes were high for students to win...

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