Kryzsko Commons

Kryzsko Commons is located in the southwest corner of Main Campus between Gildemeister Hall and Minné Hall.

Kryzsko Commons features a variety of helpful offices and resource centers and comfy study lounges as well as our on-campus dining facilities.

This is considered the active center of campus because there’s always lots going on.

What’s In This Building?

Lower Hyphen

This space is used for for:

  • On- & off-campus events
  • KEAP Diversity Resource Center
  • WSU Bookstore

Student Union

This space is used for:

  • Student clubs
  • Game-play
  • Meditation

Kryzsko Ballroom

This space is used for:

  • Student club events
  • Leadership conferences
  • Award ceremonies

Upper Hyphen

This space is used for:

  • Student clubs
  • Resource centers & offices
  • Doing homework

Dining Services

This space is used for:

  • On-campus meals
  • Meal plan info
  • Other dining services inquiries

Lower Hyphen

The Lower Hyphen is located in the middle of Kryzsko Commons’ ground level and includes the Warrior Entertainment Network office, KEAP Diversity Resource Center, the WSU Bookstore and study spaces.

Warrior Entertainment Network

The Warrior Entertainment Network is Winona State’s event planning committee. This is a student-led organization, which means you can join, if interested. The Warrior Entertainment Network puts together events for students both on and off campus.

Most events are held right on campus or in Winona and are free for students to attend. The committee also plans larger-scale trips outside of Winona that require a fee, but we always make things as affordable as possible. That way, you get a good deal and have a good time.

Here are some examples of past events:

  • On campus: trivia night, comedians, hypnotists, concerts, grocery bingo (translation: play bingo to win free food), and Kryzsko After Dark
  • In Winona: discounted movie showings and bowling nights
  • Outside of Winona: bus trips to sports games, ValleyFair, and the Minnesota State Fair

No matter the location, the Warrior Entertainment Network plans events that speak to all student’s interests.

From concerts, plays, and other performances to games, movies, and professional sports outings, there’s something for everyone.

WSU Bookstore

The WSU Bookstore is open year-round and provides tons of goodies for sale. Warrior gear, school supplies, textbooks, and other fun gifts.

The WSU Bookstore also offers a textbook reservation service where you sign up online and our staff takes care of the rest.

They pull your class schedule and box up any textbooks registered by your professors. You can opt to receive mostly rentals or new books—your choice.

When you pick up your textbooks, the charge is added to your student bill on eServices. It’s that simple.

And when a semester wraps up, you can turn in your rentals or sell any purchased books through textbook buyback to lighten your load.

The best part: all bookstore profits go directly back to our students in the form of offering scholarships, offsetting student fees, and supporting student projects and programs.

You can never have too much gear to show off your Warrior pride!

KEAP Diversity Resource Center

The KEAP Center is a student diversity resource space that grew out of student activism, and it promotes Knowledge, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Pluralism.

The KEAP Center also:

  • offers all students a safe space to learn about their identity, as well as others’
  • creates community for diverse and underrepresented students, as well as those who are not
  • helps students, staff, and faculty to work collectively toward a more just campus

This resource center frequently collaborates with the Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence year-round to support every learner.

This partnership empowers Warriors to successfully live in a global society and use their voices to change the world we live in.

Student Union

The Student Union is located around the corner from the Lower Hyphen on Kryzsko Commons’ ground level and includes the Warrior Esports Lounge and Game Center, Student Senate, Greek Council, and student newspaper offices as well as the Meditation Room and a study lounge. 

Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center is considered the front desk for the Student Union. This is your go-to space if you have any general questions about campus. Or you want to rent a bike or gaming equipment for free.

Warrior Esports Lounge

The Warrior Esports Lounge is designed for both competitive and non-competitive video game players to have access to high-quality technology.

This lounge has the best internet speeds on campus and top-notch gaming computers. Choose from over two dozen games like Super Smash Bros and Minecraft and play on our PCs, Nintendo Switches, or 65″ TVs. You can play games with others in the lounge or virtually with friends online.

Game Center

The Student Union is also home to billiard tables, ping pong tables, a foosball table, and a shuffleboard.

Whether you’re in the mood for casual or competitive play, head over to the front desk and rent game equipment for free. (Don’t forget your Warrior ID card.)

Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body of the WSU Student Association. The Senate acts as the recognized voice and bargaining unit for all Warriors. The Senate also sets guidelines and budgets for student clubs and organizations.

Student Senate comprises some executive positions like President, Vice President, and Treasurer as well as several Senators who represent each academic college and class of student. This means freshman through graduate.

There are also other affiliate positions that collectively make the Senate an outstanding student team.

You can get involved by sitting in on their regular meetings and speaking up when you see a chance to improve something on campus. Or running for office and watching changes come to fruition and improve student life firsthand.

Student Senate played a role in multiple campus initiatives, including:

  • hiring an additional counselor in Counseling Services
  • implementing menstrual product dispensers
  • creating the Textbook Affordability Task Force
  • developing a gender-based violence prevention program and much more!

Regardless of which side of the table you’re seated, Student Senate lends itself to ample leadership opportunities.

Greek Council

Looking for a different leadership experience? Find your on-campus family through Greek Life.

At Winona State, we offer four national sororities—

  • Alpha Sigma Tau
  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Phi Theta Chi
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma

—and two national fraternities:

  • Sigma Tau Gamma
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon

Our Greek community may co-sponsor various themed events and host friendly competitions against one another year-round, but each organization lives by their own philanthropy.

This gives you options to join the organization whose mission statement best aligns with your own morals.

The Winonan

The Winonan is our college newspaper written by and for students. Pick up a copy in person or online to get current University news.

Share your voice as a journalist, editor or photographer on The Winonan staff. (Yes, these are paid positions!)

This is a great opportunity to build a portfolio worth sharing with friends, family and future employers.

Meditation Room

We all have those moments when we feel overwhelmed and need to take a deep breath.

So, if you find yourself nervous before an important interview or exam, pop inside the Meditation Room.

This space is open for you to relax and feel your stress melt away.


The stage near the restaurant booth-style study lounge is great for small group gatherings as well as performances and guest speakers sponsored by the Warrior Entertainment Network.

Fun Fact

The stage area used to be a bowling alley back in the day!

Kryzsko Ballroom

The Kryzsko Ballroom is located on Kryzsko Commons’ upper level and is a spacious area used for large group gatherings, like research and club fairs to performances, campus-wide events and more.

You could find yourself listening to stage performers and winning prizes at Kryzsko After Dark. Or playing bingo during Welcome Week. Or meeting your Big (or Little) at Greek Life recruitment. Or improving your leadership skills at the Warriors LEAD Summit. Or receiving a Student Leadership & Involvement Award for all your hard work. Or showing off your research project at the Judith Ramaley Celebration of Research & Creative Scholarship research fair. Or even gaining a better understanding of cultural and ethnic heritages at Ebony Night and other programs sponsored by the Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence. And so much more!

Upper Hyphen

The Upper Hyphen is located in the middle of Kryzsko Commons’ upper level and includes student club display cases, the Baldwin Lounge and Purple Rooms, and the Dean of Students, International Student & Scholars Services, Equity & Inclusive Excellence, and Housing & Residence Life offices.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Your social life is a huge part of your college experience. It’s easy to explore your interests outside the classroom by joining one (or a couple) of our 160 student-run clubs.

These organizations range from community service, faith, and multicultural to special interest, academic, and sports clubs.

If none of our existing organizations speak to your personal niche, then you can create your own.

To start a new club, all you need are at least 10 members, an adviser and a constitution. We’re happy to expand—the more, the merrier!

Baldwin Lounge & Purple Rooms

Who’s up for a study break?

The Baldwin Lounge is another study lounge alternative with a wall of windows to gaze out… or get distracted by. You can reserve a study room for yourself or a small group through the Purple Rooms using the Book a Room service.

Most of these rooms include either a whiteboard or a monitor screen. That means you can easily solve problems by hand or work on an upcoming presentation.

Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence

The Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence supports students of all backgrounds with scholarships, outreach programs and services, cultural clubs, guest speakers, and other activities that engage the campus and local community.

This office also promotes the understanding of cultural and ethnic heritages, gender identities, and intersectionalities. The Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence often collaborates with the KEAP Diversity Resource Center.

Something that makes college so exciting is meeting people from different backgrounds. And WSU is no exception. We are working to build an ever-more inclusive community and committing to all forms of diversity.

Housing & Residence Life Office

Living on campus is the best way to make the most of your time at Winona State.

It’s also how you’ll meet lifelong friends, be close to campus activities, participate in study sessions, and enjoy the benefits of great meal options.

That’s why the Housing & Residence Life Office is your go-to spot if you want to learn more about our residence halls and amenities.

Need some help filling out the housing application? No worries. Our staff is happy to help you, whether you prefer to chat in-person, over the phone, or by email.

It’s important to us that you feel confident in your choice and comfortable in your on-campus home!

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students oversee student affairs and serve as a strong student advocate.

Their responsibilities include:

  • maintaining a safe and inclusive campus
  • managing university conduct policies
  • promoting student rights and responsibilities

The Dean of Students and their staff are there for you, and they want you to have the best college experience possible.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) supports students from over 50 countries.

From applying to Winona State to filing for a visa and arriving on campus, the ISSS office will guide you through the process.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to bring your culture to campus and feel part of our community.

Dining Services

Although we may have different backgrounds and future aspirations, we all speak the same language when we’re eating. No matter your craving, you’re bound to find something yummy at our dining facilities.

Jack Kane Dining Center

The Jack Kane Dining Center is located on Kryzsko Commons’ upper level and features the classic cafeteria vibe.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or multiple rounds, there’s no judging at our all-you-care-to-eat buffet.

The dining center offers many options for any foodie from breakfast until dinner.

Unique Stations

The Jack Kane Dining Center is home to a few unique food stations, including:

  • Homestyle
  • Innovate
  • G8 and Rooted

Zane's Food Court

Zane’s Food Court is located on Kryzsko Commons’ ground level and features several chain eateries. 

Zane’s offers many options for those wanting grub on-the-go.

Unique Stations

Zane’s is home to a few unique food stations, including:

  • Panda Express
  • Starbucks
  • Market 160